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That first second or so when you refresh your dash, before Tumblr Savior kicks in, and you catch a glimpse of something but then it goes behind the blacklist wall.  And you kinda want to click on it to see it in full but THEN THAT DEFEATS THE PURPOSE OF THE SELF-IMPOSED BLACKLIST OF SPOILER TAGS IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Never thought I’d be so happy for a Ken Burns doc. starting on PBS to distract me from the Internet…


This week only, everything @ is on sale for 25% this week with coupon code torquere2014 to celebrate the publisher’s 11th anniversary.

That means you can get Starling for $4.49 (regularly $5.99) and “Lake Effect"for $1.87 (regularly $2.49) and lots and lots and lots of other cool ebooks.  

Sale also applies to the young adult offerings at their imprint Prizm.

Yay—I can support content creators while being a bit of a cheap bastard.

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Jason Brown posted this Triple-Triple-Double-Cartwheel combo on instagram

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God, you’re sappy.

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The Glee fandom has been all over the place this hiatus. Opinions are varied. Tell us yours!

There are NO spo!lers for Season 6 in the survey, so if you are avoiding spo!lers, rest assured that you can take this survey safely. There ARE questions about your relationship with spo!lers, but they are about spo!lers overall, not any we have received for Season 6.

Topics include:

  • episodes
  • fandom activity
  • characters
  • relationships
  • friendships
  • spoi!lers (As I said, there are NO Season 6 spo!lers!)
  • fan works
  • the hiatus itself
  • and more!

All answers are completely anonymous. You don’t even have to give a pseudonym. None of the questions are required. 

This survey was compiled by Misty (istytehcrawk). If you have any questions, feel free to send me an ask on Tumblr or email me at

The survey is fairly long, but the questions are simple.

Take the survey here.

The survey will remain open until 5 p.m. CST, Monday, Nov. 3, 2014. The data will be compiled into charts and posted in chunks before the show returns. 

Please signal boost, as I would like this to reach outside the Klaine bubble so we can get a better idea of the fandom as a whole.

Thank you!

I just finished—it’s long-ish but fun!

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I just…..uhhhhh…


I’ll be in my bunk…

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I’m trying to put together a list of people who are feeling fairly positive about Glee Season 6, so that I can keep my dash a more or less happy place. Please reblog if you’re feeling good about Glee!